The Italian Renaissance: (14th-17th Century)

Key Takeaways Italian Renaissance was a movement that started in Florence Italy and then began to spread across Europe from the mid-14 century. This movement was premised on the rediscovery of the culture of ancient Greece and Rome.Renaissance Man was an individual whose expertise and curiosity extended to a range of diverse subjects. Renaissance was about … Continue reading The Italian Renaissance: (14th-17th Century)


Jamestown: the first “successful” English settlement

- Barack Obama “The worst thing that colonialism did was to cloud our view of our past” - Barack Obama Key Takeaways London Company made this colony under the name Jamestown in 1607.In the beginning, Jamestown faced three problems: the problem of settlers, geographical location, and the absence of caretakers.Although John Smith rescued the colony … Continue reading Jamestown: the first “successful” English settlement