Polygamy in Pakistan: A Legal Perspective

Key Takeaways Polygamy continues to be the most contentious and unsettled issue throughout the contemporary Muslim world. The Commission on Marriage and Family Laws 1955 composed a report to protect women's rights. The Muslim Family Law Ordinance (MFLO), 1961, in section 6, introduced the condition that the husband must present an application and submit fees … Continue reading Polygamy in Pakistan: A Legal Perspective


Women-Led Social Movements in Pakistan

Women of the Peasant Movement The landless peasants' movement began to take shape in Punjab around the end of the 20th century, under the military dictator Pervez Musharraf. In that region, almost one million peasants—roughly 60% Muslims and 40% Christians—work on property that is either managed by government-run businesses or military farms while living in … Continue reading Women-Led Social Movements in Pakistan

Forced Conversion and Marriage in Pakistan

Key Takeaways A "forced conversion and marriage" (FCM) involves the forcible conversion of a Hindu woman to Islam and her marriage to a Muslim man. Perception of FCM in Pakistan is greatly influenced by the media, for better or worse. An increasing number of FCM cases are motivated by the idea of honour, which is … Continue reading Forced Conversion and Marriage in Pakistan