David Hume: His Philosophical Empiricism and Skepticism

Key Takeaways Although empiricist arguments by Locke and Berkeley were influential enough to refute rationalism concerning the nature of knowledge, it was Hume who deeply clobbered rationalism in an argument that was presented in his Treatise of Human Nature.Owing to his immense contributions to the field of philosophy, his ideas are collectively called Humeanism today. Hume maintained … Continue reading David Hume: His Philosophical Empiricism and Skepticism


The Italian Renaissance: (14th-17th Century)

Key Takeaways Italian Renaissance was a movement that started in Florence Italy and then began to spread across Europe from the mid-14 century. This movement was premised on the rediscovery of the culture of ancient Greece and Rome. Renaissance Man was an individual whose expertise and curiosity extended to a range of diverse subjects.  Renaissance … Continue reading The Italian Renaissance: (14th-17th Century)