Intelligence, Control, & Rationality

Thinking and self-control have been scrutinised in numerous ways. one of the ways is to ask the question that would individuals be categorised the same if both self-control and intelligence were considered? Walter Mischel and his students conducted a notable experiment on 4-year-olds. In the experiment, one small reward (an Oreo) was immediately available, but … Continue reading Intelligence, Control, & Rationality


The Mind’s Construction in Face

Preface It should be noted that the Tutoring Protégé does not mean any disrespect to the deceased celebrities mentioned in the write-up. On the contrary, the sole purpose is to highlight the mental complexes that lead people to opt for such poor choices. Love & Peace to all. According to all media, so it must … Continue reading The Mind’s Construction in Face

Japan’s Rampage during the World War II

The Allies' chances of winning were thin, and the victory lay further away than he (Mr. Churchill) could have imagined. The enormous productive capacity of the United States, on which the lend-lease programme (the Act stated that the U.S. government could lend or lease, rather than sell war, supplies to any nation deemed vital to the defense of … Continue reading Japan’s Rampage during the World War II