Foreign Policy Imperatives for Pakistan

Introduction Pakistan's foreign policy is mostly based on the fact that it lives in an unsafe place, which continues to shape its way of thinking. The biggest worry for Pakistan is the threat from India, which is much bigger. However, India, Afghanistan, and the US hinge their relations with Pakistan on the success of militant … Continue reading Foreign Policy Imperatives for Pakistan


Tashkent Declaration

Since neither the US nor the UK wanted to take the lead, it was up to Soviet diplomacy to work toward a peace settlement after the war. Prime Minister Kosygin offered to help Pakistan and India work out their differences. Pakistan was hesitant at first, because the Soviet Union has been favoring India ever since … Continue reading Tashkent Declaration

Covert Radicalism

President George W. Bush's radicalism was a surprise to everyone. Nobody thought he would be the most radical president in American history, not his opponents, not the media covering him, not even his closest campaign aides. Bush permitted himself some radical overtones throughout his 2000 presidential campaign. The opposite is true. He was quick to … Continue reading Covert Radicalism