Polygamy in Pakistan: A Legal Perspective

Key Takeaways Polygamy continues to be the most contentious and unsettled issue throughout the contemporary Muslim world. The Commission on Marriage and Family Laws 1955 composed a report to protect women's rights. The Muslim Family Law Ordinance (MFLO), 1961, in section 6, introduced the condition that the husband must present an application and submit fees … Continue reading Polygamy in Pakistan: A Legal Perspective


Cybercrime Laws of Pakistan

Key Takeaways Cybercrime is achieving illegal ends through the use of computers and the internet.Although French Telegraph System incident was the first-ever cybercrime perpetrated in 1834, the creation of a worm on the internet by Robert Morris in 1988 was the first-ever “computer-facilitated” cybercrime.In Pakistan, the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act (PECA) 2016 is the … Continue reading Cybercrime Laws of Pakistan