On the Crest of a Wave: China’s Ascent

Key Takeaways China has witnessed prodigious and astonishing metamorphosis since Deng Xiaoping’s presidency and owing to this tectonic shift, China has shaken the post-Cold war world order that was subdued by the USA.President Xi has his own extensively glorified and touted doctrine called “Socialism with Chinese Characteristics” or “China Dream”.At present, China is facing some … Continue reading On the Crest of a Wave: China’s Ascent


America’s Fizzle in Afghanistan

The bigger they come the harder they fall Key Takeaways Apart from losing the longest war in Afghanistan, the USA has also failed in ameliorating the lives of Afghan people despite the staggering amount of money pumped into the country over the past two decades. Against the Taliban’s offensive, Afghan National Defense Security Forces (ANDSF) turned … Continue reading America’s Fizzle in Afghanistan