The Italian Renaissance: (14th-17th Century)

Key Takeaways Italian Renaissance was a movement that started in Florence Italy and then began to spread across Europe from the mid-14 century. This movement was premised on the rediscovery of the culture of ancient Greece and Rome. Renaissance Man was an individual whose expertise and curiosity extended to a range of diverse subjects.  Renaissance … Continue reading The Italian Renaissance: (14th-17th Century)


Jamestown: the first “successful” English settlement

- Barack Obama “The worst thing that colonialism did was to cloud our view of our past” - Barack Obama Key Takeaways London Company made this colony under the name Jamestown in 1607.In the beginning, Jamestown faced three problems: the problem of settlers, geographical location, and the absence of caretakers.Although John Smith rescued the colony … Continue reading Jamestown: the first “successful” English settlement

Grantism: blow the whistle

Key Takeaways The two biggest scandals during Grant’s presidency which brutally marred his reputation were Black Friday and Whiskey Ring. In the Black Friday incident, investors forged the Gold Ring to manipulate the gold market and augment its price on the New York Gold Exchange. In Whiskey Ring, tax records were misreported for extra gains.Owing to these … Continue reading Grantism: blow the whistle